Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles
The beautiful weather continues. WE drove up to Auburn yesterday and enjoyed the views of the lush fields and woods along the way. My favorite area is north of Lebanon where the countryside is rolling and the grain fields seem alive as the wind ripples the tops like the surface of a body of water.
The blacktop road to past Divernon is like a green hallway. The corn is seven feet tall and closes in on the sides like the walls of a green painted hallway, then abruptly opens up with a view of the distant horizon while the clear air acts as a magnifying glass. There is beauty in the Land of Lincoln.

We spent the day with the Townsend’s. Brandon got his spanking new Illinois drivers license and was quite a happy young man.

We watched a video of Brandon performing with four other young men and one young lady as they competed in the Macoupin County fair talent contest. They came in third. Brandon has become an accomplished drummer. Needless to say, several of his gifts were drummer related.

Their home had the rich fragrance of freshly baked caked. Dawn put the frosting on as we observed her and then Brooke got to lick the spoon.

Brandon’s choice for dinner was a trip to the newly opened Golden Corral. That was the first trip to a Golden Corral for him and for his girl friend, Nicole. The food was excellent and we all made three trips back for seconds and thirds.

Back at the house, we waited for Brandon to return with Brooke and Nicole. He, of course, drove. He decided to get gas for the car and that turned out to be a small adventure involving Muslims, gasoline spills, and “drummer” shoes that now smelled of gasoline.

We had cake and coffee (there is always room) and said our goodbyes.

The drive home was begun in deep twilight and as I pulled onto the Divernon blacktop, we could see a myriad of fireflies. I turned the headlights off, drove slowly and we marveled at the light show being performed along both side of the road and deep into the cornrows.

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You cannot lure me home with such beautifully, descriptive words of the Illinois landscape.
The only appeal Illinois holds for me is that my loving family is rooted there. Don't worry...we will leave the beauty of the west coast and head inland soon. But, I am afraid I will have trouble viewing Illinois with much excitement since I have been lucky enough to have lived near such gradeur as Mt. Rainer, The Cascades, and Olympic Mtns for the past few months.
We miss you. I love you.
Sweating on the Sound...
Your Loving Daughter,