Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is the best time of year. Lots of festivals, the fields are being cleared, and the deer are running.

It is 41 degrees here this morning. Turned the new heat pump to winter and it does the job. I am thinking about replacing the water heater. It is making rumbling noises. A newer, more energy efficient one is what I am thinking.

Took the Taurus in for new dashboard lights. The car was pretty dark at night. They also changed critical fluids. I have to drive a school bus for a week to pay for those items.

Did I mention that a deer hit the Sable at the end of my Tennessee trip? It left a tuft of hair in the chrome strip and a diner plate dent in the door on the passenger’s side.

I gutted him and put him in the trunk and took him to Jim’s house; venison for everybody.

We went to Papa Vitoes last night. Big crowd there and the pizza was very good.

Finally got the pedestal sink installed in the lower bathroom. Due to plumbing issues, the sink is not square in the wall. Mom was not a happy camper.

I have tickets to the Cardinal final game today. Two tickets but don’t have anyone who can go with me. So I’ll go alone.

That’s all from home alone.


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I hope you had fun at the game. I saw the pictures. Yeah Albert! We are looking forward to the playoffs.
See you in a few weeks.