Sunday, October 18, 2009


I woke up 5 AM this morning, Oct 18 to see the thermometer reading 31 degrees. Sure enough, frost all around. Just bone more lawn mowing (and leaf mulching.

Headed to Auburn this morning. Looking forward to seeing the Townsend’s of Auburn, I'm sure that Brandon and Brooke won't hang around long. They always have something going on. And that's OK, its tough being teenagers so the more good times they have, so much the better.

My boss at work bought me a coconut cream pie for my birthday. They made me tell my age and were surprised. They all said they thought I was around 61. Bless 'em!

The light in the kitchen went totally out. When the house was built, they used non-union electricians. I have worked on four lights in this house and every one of those did not have electrical boxes installed. Those are required by code. I'm surprised it passed inspection. But then again, as dishonest as the contractors were, I am not so surprised.
Anyway, that condition made the job tougher to complete. Your mom wants to replace the light in the bathroom. I know that that has a similar condition.

We drove down Hartman lane yesterday and so a small doe lying dead right by the Richland Creek Bridge. It was removed later in the day. We got an estimate on fixing the dent in the side of the Sable…$300…not bad so we are getting it fixed.

That’s all from Home Alone.

Love to all,


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We hit triple digits again this past week. All though the meteorologist is assuring us that this week will be in the 80's only. (Today it was 95) We are thinking about taking a quick trip back to San Diego this weekend.
It sounds like you had a good birthday.
See you in 5 weeks!