Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Truck

I miss my truck. We go shopping and Grandma ends up buyimg something that is too big for the car.

Went to Highland for the art show. Beautiful weather this weekend. That is better after getting 3 inches of rain on Friday.

Had frost on the roof tops overnight. The new furnace has started kicking in.

We are going to take a ride up along the Great River Road to Grafton today...the fall colors are beginning to peak. Next weekend we will go to Auburn. I look forward to going to Lincoln gardens and the walk along the lake.

I got a new monitor for the computer, a 22 inch wide one from your mom. Thats my birthday gift. On the way home we saw a herd of six deer down by the bridge over Richland Creek. Shoo! Scram!


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Have you received the package I sent?
When is the maple festival at the Lincoln Gardens? I always loved that time of year.