Sunday, April 5, 2009

Glad You Arrived Safely

It is 8:00 on a Sunday morning. We will be getting ready to go to church in a little while.

It is raining this morning. We are in an unsettled period; weather doesn’t know if it wants to go ahead and Spring or go back to winter. In any case, the redbuds have bloomed, everything is sporting its bright green colors and the air smells fresh and clean. Of course the air is full of pollen and makes some people miserable.

The Edmonds area has a lot of webcams trained on ferry landings on the net. I recognized two of them from our trip up there. Really looking forwrd to visiting up there.

I cleaned the yard yesterday of old growth and broken branches. We are still getting fall out from the ice storm of two years ago.

We are going down to Louisville for our first visit in a couple of weeks. We will go down early on a Saturday and be back on Sunday night.

We received an invite to Rebecca’s brothers wedding occurring in June. That will be in the Pittsburgh area. We would go to it but we will be in Edmonds, WA at that time. It is not uncommon in the summertime for conflicts to arrive.

The Stolles have invited us to visit them at their summer palace on the lake. We will likely do that. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Hank will be in St Louis in late June for their annual convention (Telephone Association) so we will get to see them at that time.

Hank’s brother in-law, Bill, died last week in South Carolina at his retirement home.. Burial will be in Arkansas. Kathy and Hank were in Nashville since Tammy was scheduled for additional surgery. They were planning on going on east to see brother Jim and family, but not now. I bet Jim is very disappointed.

That’s about it from Home Alone. By the way I mailed a box of stuff that was in the way here and your mom has sent some B’Day gifts to the boy to the 821 addresses. I hope that is right.

Love to all,

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