Saturday, April 25, 2009

We have experienced some beautiful sunsets this spring. Then we were treated with a breathtakingly beautiful sunrise on Friday Morning.
The weather today was quite warm (85) with a steady wind. I mowed the lawn this morning and joined another guy at the church to mow the lawn over there.

I continued tearing things out at the house. Pulled the toilet and sink in the downstairs bathroom and that completed the easy parts…tearing things out.
I took the floors down to the sub floor in the kitchen, old laundry area and pantry, the hallway, bathroom and closet. I created a big pile of discarded material.

I did the first hamburgers of the season on the grill this evening. Your mom fixed a nice salad and we used a tomato we bought in Louisville during our visit there.

Rebecca and Jason have a nice, comfortable home in a very nice area.

We discovered an excellent Irish pub/restaurant for dinner on Saturday night. We all had something different, and shared a taste of everything. I had lamb in a spicy roll, creamy mashed potatoes ( they called them ‘champ’) and enjoyed the meal on a veranda overlooking the street. There was a steady stream of people walking by on their way to a big fireworks display, Derby week was being kicked off in anticipation of the Kentucky Derby.

It rained all the night and day but it was nice during our Saturday visit. Jason wanted to show us a lot of things, but time and weather kind of intervened.

The picture of the stone building is at a location called Reservoir Park, one of the main water supply locations in Louisville. The walk around the reservoir is one mile and I guess a number of people like to walk there.

I hope all is well in my band of gypsies.

We really enjoy the frequent letters and pictures.

Love you all,
Dad (………………………………………………………………………… x )

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Mouth watering...need Mom's hamburgers. YUM!

I miss our Sunday meals together.

We headed back to the Tulip Festival today. The tulips were at their peak. (Finally) The colors were beautiful. Took lots of pictures but are certain photos will not capture the beauty of being in person.

Much to Sophie's delight we have found her a "big girl" bike. We found a used one for $25 on Craigslist. She is thrilled! Pictures will be forthcoming.

When will the new floor be laid? Next weekend? I hope you are taking care of your back.

Love you, and remember to stay away from all swine!