Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Loo

Sunday night and I am weary. I mowed the lawns yesterday after painting the kitchen and pantry area. Today, I finished tearing out some of the old floor and painted the bathroom and the hallway.

I pulled the toilet and sink/vanity out. The plumbing is stubbed into the wall and I was afraid of breaking a pipe in the wall so called a plumber to cut the pipes and seal them until I can get the new fixtures in. I asked him to give me a quote on installing the new toilet and pedestal sink. It floored me when the quote was $700.

Your mom said “SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS?!?! YOU can do it”. So I went on line to check it out. How hard can it be?

Well, the toilet would not be a problem; I have done that before. But, the pedestal sink is not as easy as I thought. Or your mom thought. The sink has to be rigidly mounted INTO the wall, the pedestal has to be attached or cemented to the new flooring, and the old faucet (the brown one we got a couple of years ago for $150 will be reused. The info I found on the web says it is a moderately difficult job for TWO people and can USUALLY be done in a day. I think I can understand why the plumber’s quote was $700.

The old toilet I moved, with the help of gravity and friction, to the basement. That is one heavy piece of work. Then using the same two helpers, I took the vanity sink to the basement. No way can I ever take it back up the stairs by myself. We are giving them to Bill and Dawn for their basement.

The old flooring in the kitchen was under the dishwasher. I wasn’t satisfied with what remained so I pulled the dishwasher out. I write the date of purchase on most things and I was surprised to see that I installed the dishwasher in 1996. Is been a good one. I had to clean out under the sink to get the feed hose loose. I noticed that the garbage disposal was marked that I installed it in 2000. Warranty expired two years ago.

I found a bonanza of stuff under the sink. Traci really loaded up things when you left. Some interesting items have surfaced in the freezers. Who eats turkey salami?

We went to Outback’s Steak House last night with Dick and Jeannie to celebrate her birthday. I tried lamb chops for the first time. They were quite good. We then went to their house. We will not have people over until I get the loo up and running.

I planted flowers for your mom today (did I mention that I am tired?) and am now thinking of bed, since it is almost 10:00. I have been taking two Tylenol PM tablets hoping that thepain in my shoulder will not awaken me. It is a a major nuisance and doesn’t make any sense since I have really tested it the past two weeks with all the work I have done in the house. None of that bothers me, not even the painting. Yet I sleep on the right side and the pain comes back.

X-rays were negative and nothing changes. Any ideas, Jim?
Thats about it from Home Alone.



I like the clip art. You did sound tired. I hope you're well rested now. I can't wait to see the finished results.
Loving you from Washington....


Wow isn't that alot to deal with? I would have let the proffessionals do it instead! Lots of LOVE -savannah PS. Can't wait till you get here!!! hURRY UP!