Monday, May 25, 2009

Flat Tire

It is a quiet, rainy Memorial Day morning. We have no big plans for the day except containing to finish the re-model job.

I installed the new toilet yesterday. The job went very smoothly for which I was appreciative, my back is bothering me again so lifting and guiding the toilet was a trial.

I had to set the toilet twice since the wax ring shipped with the toilet (all the way from Foshan City in China) was not high enough so a trip to Home depot was in order.
After that, all went smoothly. I checked this morning and saw no leaks so that project goes into the finished pile.

I am not going to attempt installing the pedestal sink. All that I have heard makes it out of my league.

We bought a new stove and dishwasher, both of which I will install. We are going to gas after 40 years of all electric stoves. I have to run a gas line, but that is easy work; shouldn’t take more than the standard three trips to Home Depot.

I worked at the bus lot on Saturday. We have lost three drivers, one due to involving her self in a rear end collision with the bus, and two ladies who failed the physicals. All of them had more than 35 years school bus experience. So the load shifts even farther to me. And this is at a time of budget crunches so there is no “paid” overtime. First Student, an English owned company, is the worst managed company in this country. It’s amazing it can stay in business.

Jason came up for overnight on Wednesday. It was 9:00 PM when he called and said he was on the side of I-64 with a flat tire. He had no flashlight and had never changed attire before. I, knowing how dangerous this can b alongside an interstate in the dark and tiring to change the tire, it made me shudder with fear. Jason was on the shoulder just past mile marker 45 (as it turned out) so I headed that way. I had to go past him for five miles then loop back. A state trooper had pulled up behind him at that time with all lights flashing. Unfortunately he did not remain since I was on the way. Those lights would have mad me feel a lot safer.

Anyway, Jason had the doughnut tire out and the jack and was ready to go. Thank god the flat was on the passenger side, the other side would have been scary as all get out. We were safely back at home at 10:45.

Jason had bought the tires at Sears with road hazard protection so he got that changed the next day and was able to take Savannah out for pizza in St. Louis.

Savannah is camped out at Laura’s; I plan on taking the two to City Museum sometime next week, after Laura is out of school. We may take Savannah up to spend time with Brook and company at some point in this visit. Plans are still tentative.

We understand the need for allowing Savannah as much social time with girls her age. We will let her have as much of that time as we can.

That is all from Home Alone ( Jim, you are such a good Dad)


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