Sunday, May 10, 2009


Things are coming to a head here at Home Alone:
The flooring will be installed on Wednesday. I have to pull the dishwasher. Also need to make sure all the stapes are pounded down (from the old flooring)

I dug holes for three new posts ..

Hole #2 (center) was the record holder for the hardest clay I have ever encountered. I thought I had hit bedrock.

I'll let them set up in the mortar then start adding the boards. I made one span an even 8’ so I can take it down to pass a pickup through.

I borrowed Mike Melanovich's truck to bring the new sink and toilet home. He is really nice about letting me borrow it. Lee always sez I should ask him, but then I have to work on his schedule; not something I am willing to do.

Took your Mom to the casino today, then I left and walked around downtown for an hour and a half. Cloudy here and cool so it was pleasant

Yesterday I did all the mowing of our yard and the schoolyard.
The backyard here is still wet from all the rain, but it was getting out of control (grass wise).

Randy, the guy next door, came to tell me the house next to him had been repossessed. He went on to say that the backyard at the house was a mess. Randy said he had called the realtor to complain. We went over to see, and it was a jungle. So to protect the neigborhood, we decided to mow. I unhitched the riding mower (that is one good mower!) and went over and knocked the weeds and grass down. Randy did the edging with his weed eater. Randy and I had just finished when a truck pulled up from Bosslers Landscaping (Andy Bossler was the former husband and owner(?) of the house so the realtor called him and he sent his crew over. Too late!

Anyhow, we did no harm.
Thats all from Home Alone
Love you all

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Hi Dad,

Your weekend hours seem filled with hard manuel labor. I hope you are taking care of your back.

Once you complain to the Realtor they will usually be on top of it and make sure the yard is taking care of. I had that problem myself with a home that was being repossessed. The Realtor wants it looking good so she can get it SOLD. Is it the house with the ugly fountain in the front?

Did you have help loading and unloading the toliet and sink? Jim and I feel bad we are not there to help.

Sunny and warm here today. Mid 60's Clouds have obscured the Cascade Mtns so I don't think the sunshine will last.

Sophie and Savannah have Art classes to day at the community rec. center. It is Sophie's first class and she is very excited. Savannh is just happy she can be away from her siblings for an hour.

Love you both!