Monday, March 30, 2009

1, 422 miles

Good news over the weekend; Missouri lost. Ha! How do they get Mizzou out of Missouri? And why are they called tigers when the closest tigers are 8,220 miles away (zoos do not count)?

Typical Mizzouzeans likely don’t know..

Speaking of distance, I see my grandbabies are 100 miles closer tonight, thank you; only 1,422 miles away. But when all is said and done, the distance will be 2, 179 miles, or one day 7 hours by car (or 28 days, 11 hours on foot).

Ok here we are, one day after our last snowfall. We had 3 inches on the ground at 7:00 AM on Sunday morning. Zero inches by noon. 63 degrees today with rain expected three days this week.

We want out to the 54th St Bar & Grill on Saturday night with our normal group. Played cards of course afterwards. I need to learn some new games. Keep an eye out for some, ok?

Well, we went floor shopping. Again. Brought home a couple of samples. Again. I told your mom “THIS IS IT. NO MORE SAMPLES. WE DO IT NOW!! “ Drew a bit of a crowd at Lowes. I measured the area that we will do. Looks like about 530 sq ft. x $$$$$
Not counting my labor (where are my sons when I need them?) (Your mom just said to say, “come home”.)

Busy, busy at my job. We have hired several new people including a real nice woman who just moved here from Massachusetts. Bad for her that she got stuck with a real bummer of a route. The previous driver pretty much allowed the bus to become a zoo; I have to ride it in the morning. It has taken me about three weeks in the past, to fix a bad bus. Why can’t the parents do this?

The area of the floor to be done is everything that is not carpeted. Your mom wants to put a pedestal sink in the half bath, removing the existing cabinet. We no longer need to store a toilet ring, so we can sacrifice space.

Lee just called. He says to tell you he misses seeing your once in a while. He is on face book but not that active.

I would like to see the route you are taking from AZ. You see many Illinois plates out there?

That’s about it from HOME ALONE.

Dad and Mom


2. how fish walk
4. cactus land
9. small creek
10. not pants
13. grandma
14. reclusive cat
16. home sweet home
17. good dog
18. daddy
20. sunrise
21. beautiful red head
23. walking
24. favorite color
25. movie thing


1. little girl
2. rhymes with mom
3. another uncle
5. not becky
6. favorite food
7. home teacher
8. favorite channel
9. drummer
11. uncle
12. kids area
15. school
19. imaginary fighter
22. Moms mom

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We like the crossword puzzle. That will be fun to print out. We are heading into Washington today. Have some snow and rain ahead. Checked road conditions and all is clear. WE plan on taking our time and staying in a hotel tonight midway. We should arrive at the new home Fri. afternoon. We'll call once we are unloaded and setteled. Love you!