Sunday, March 22, 2009


Springfield Illinois

We went to St Henry’s Catholic Church on W. Main in Belleville for fish and beer on Friday night.

Art and Margaret were there along with the whole Sorgea tribe. We got to see, and hold Nate and Jack, Cindy and Brian’s 7 month old twin boys. That was a treat.

The hall was packed, the food was excellent, and it was a good time. Afterwards we went to the Sorgeas for cards and talk. Your mom and Jeannie planned to go to an estate sale the next morning.

Estate sales are always interesting. The opportunity to prowl through a house, touching all types of items and observing how the former, now likely deceased, owners lived out their existence. It is at once repellent yet fascinating; like coming up on a car wreck. One hates to see it but still slows down to look.

We traveled up to Springfield yesterday afternoon. We planned on your mom staying at the hospital with Dawn while I attended Dan and Denise’s delayed wedding reception at the Springfield Boathouse. While we were en-route, Bill called to say that Dawn was going to be discharged along about 6:00 PM; that would be during the reception. Naturally Bill was torn between the reception and bringing Dawn home. Dawn, knowing she would not be at the reception, had written a toast to Denise and Dan, which Bill was to deliver. Bill commented that some people are willing to be hospitalized just to avoid public speaking.

I was going to attend the reception but had to stay so we could take Dawn home. She was in pain but she is a real trooper with a great attitude. We were on the way home to Auburn and planned on stopping at the Walgreen’s in Chatham to get Dawn’s prescriptions filled. Unfortunately, the pharmacy closed 20 minutes before we got there. So we had to back haul into Springfield to get the prescriptions filled.

Bill and Brooke got home about 20 minutes after we got there. Brook had on a royal blue dress that was very pretty on her. I took a picture but won’t post it. That’s up to her and her parents to do.

When we drove to the hospital, we went up 6th street. It has been a year since I drove that way. The presidential library draws throngs of visitors (over a million the first year), so Springfield has responded with many new restaurants and shops down town. Plus the fact that our senator is now our President spiked interest in Springfield.

As we drove north on 6th street, I could see a building in the distance seemingly in the middle of the road. I couldn’t figure it out until we got closer. The Springfield Clinic has expanded to the west while building 5 stories up and crossing over and above 6th street. . Very impressive.

It still is cool here with temps in the forties. But Spring has sprung so it is looking promising. I got out and started cleaning the yard. The moles and voles continue doing their dirty work. I hate moles and voles.

I mailed the last package of mail, mostly junk ( to me) using parcel post. It went out last Thursday. Two more letters went out yesterday. That will be the last for Arizona. I will not send to Washington until you have taken up residence.

That’s all from HOME ALONE.

Love, Dad



I'm glad Dawn is home safe and sound. I'd like to head to Spfld to see some of the changes. I imagine it is all different. I have not been downtown for at least 3 years.

Weather turned cooler this week. Low 70's so I imagine it warmed up in Belleville. Looks like you might be getting severe weather in the middle of the week. It always makes me nervous to hear it. Stay safe.

We have been packing and cleaning. We load up Friday and head to the Grand Canyon Sat. morning. We'll stay the night near the south rim and leave Sun for Zion National Park in Utah. Everyone is excited for next leg of the trip to begin. (Even Savannah!)

We are sending 2 boxes for you to store and a third box for you to open.
Loving and missing you in Arizona...

Townsends said...

We got your three boxes ok.