Sunday, March 15, 2009


It is Sunday morning here at Home Alone; I’ve awakened earlier than I wanted to so decided to catch up on the blog.

We have been anxious to see Dawn and see how she is recovering, Her birthday was just last week, and we also wanted to celebrate that with her.

Brandon and Brooke have a busy social calendar so we see them on the fly.

Brandon’s high school band was marching in the Springfield St Patrick’s day parade so we did not see a lot of him. Then, later on and after we had returned from Assumption, we had cake. Brandon’s girl friend came over for a few minutes then they left for her home. She is a plump blonde, very nice, senior girl.

Your mom and I were at their house at 10:00 and immediately left to take Brooke to meet her school bus which was loading the 7th grade volleyball team for their trip to the ISEA volleyball finals in Assumption, IL, over past Taylorville.

Brooke did not play (the world is full of coaches who play only a few and let the rest sit) but we still enjoyed the games. Brooke’s team, the Trojans, won their first match two games to none. But unfortunately in the second round they lost in two games to an undefeated team from Chillicothe.

Weather was cool, but clear. The area over by Assumption is wide open with level farm fields visible to the horizon. That is one of the nice things about Central Illinois; no mountains to block the view.

Bill is working in Bloomington for at least the next three months. He gets hotel, car, and per-diem with this job. It takes him about 1-½ hours to get home. Brookes team returns to Assumption for the third place game on Tuesday. I don’t know if Bill will make that game. Dawn shouldn’t be driving yet, so she may let Brandon drive over with her in the front seat. But that can be a challenging drive for a novice since the roads are county roads for about thirty miles with limited shoulders and few lane markings.


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