Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

Your mom was cleaning out her chest of drawers and came across some old photos. I scanned them in and thought I would share them with the Millers.

Today we had planned on going to see Dawn and family but your mom was still fighting off that touch of stomach distress; and the predicted bad storm was scheduled for about twelve o’clock CDT. All we got, thankfully, was a hard shower followed by a steady strong wind until sunset. Never the less, we cancelled the Auburn trip.

We went over to St Louis yesterday. The Missouri Valley tournament was in full swing as was the annual Home & Garden show at the Dome. I remembered dragging Traci to the show the first year we were here and before the house was built. I don’t remember her enjoying the show. This year’s show was a good show with large crowds. Weather was mild so I did a lot of walking. Dumped your mom at the casino where she won $125.

Well it is now daylight savings time again. The only reason for the change is that someone probably complained about something so Congress, with little or no study or thought, whipped it ahead one month and shoved it back in the fall by one month. Might as well make it year around. What difference would it make? It starts on March 8 and ends on November 1, eight months of CDST; kind of leaves CST as a weak sister.

I see by the Methodist Church in Shiloh web site that Pastor David is on Formational and Spiritual Growth leave. That is so sad. Then today some nut from Troy walked into the Baptist Church in Maryville and shot the pastor dead during the service.

I was hoping that you would be leaving the proximity of drug war violence behind you when you go to Washington. But from what I am hearing on the news, Vancouver B.C. is struggling with drug gang violence as bad as along the Mexico border. Drug users, who buy the stuff, should share in the responsibility for this situation.

I just received a Facebook message fro Ricquel over in Northern Missouri. She is very anxious to keep the family relationships alive. And so am I.

Well that is about it from Home Alone.
Love you all this much (……………………………………….. :)

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I love the photos. I remember the one of Grandpa T. being in that photo cube. I remember as a child being fascinated by that cube. I would turn it over and over admiring everyones picture.

Looks like Mom is on a winning streak. Have her go buy a few lottery tickets for us. :)

We were very sad to hear our Pastor left the congregation. He was a marvelous speaker and I learned a lot from him. He made some mistakes but, I admire him still.

I was shocked to turn on the news this morning only to see a church I drove past daily on the news. How frightening. I know a few people who attend the church. I am anxious to hear who the other victims were. And I am thankful that the gunman did not have a chance to kill himself and is in custody.

LOL...Shane just came up and asked me what the Harry Potter movies were like in the olden days, when I was young. Goofball!

Love and a big hug (((((((())))))))) from Arizona.