Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last Saturday in February

Last Saturday in February

Well, it is supposed to snow tonight. However, the forecast for next weekend is for temps in the mid sixties, Therefore I am not going to shovel any snow that has no intention of hanging around, So there.

We got the new recliner last Thursday.

I have already napped in it so it appears to be functional.

We went shopping for an end table so I can have something to put the remotes on. Naturally, we did not find anything. These projects take your mom several months to complete. I suggested using one of the old milk cans that have been stored in the garage for 19 years but she says no to that idea.

Your mom received a $25 gift certificate from the Lumiėre Place Casino . Playing with their money, she won $250.

I explored all corners of the facility. We had gone over there during the Mardi Gras festivities on the landing. All parking spaces, and I mean ALL were $20 each. That is the typical Missouri rip-off so we went back to Illinois to the Queen. Parking is free there so a lot of smart people were beating Missouri at their game by parking in Illinois and taking the metro across to the landing.

There is a Bank Of America ATM on the landing. I went to use it but it was locked out. A young guy at the Lumiėre told me they did that so people were forced to use the casino’s ATMs and pay a usage fee of $4 a transaction.

If Missouri can find a way to shaft a visitor, they will leap at the chance,

But, and I say this very reluctantly, the Lumiėre is a first class facility.

We enjoyed the company of the Jacksons and the Sorgeas last night. Unfortunately, I had been up since 5:00 AM and after eating pizza and a couple of drinks, I was so tired my head rolled a couple of times. I am working some long hours. Next time we have company, I am going to find a way to get a nap (in the new chair) before I try to be my usual charming self.

Just finished talking to Jason and Rebecca. We told Jason to pick a best time for us to come down. We can go down early on a Saturday, and return on Sunday night.

We will go up and see Dawn and Bill and kids next weekend. Hopefully by then, Dawnwill be up to having company. Bill starts a temporary assignment with a bank in Bloomington next Tuesday so he will be gone all week. Fortunately that is not a terribly long way from Auburn.

Savannahs Valentine card came back again. Nothing wrong with it but the USPS is not staffed with intuitive people. I placed the stamp over the previous postmark. I guess that confused them badly. I will place it in an envelope and hide it with other items. Maybe it can then sneak its way to Chandler. I hope.

Love to all from Home Alone,


Jim said...

It sounds like the new recliner has been sufficiently nap tested. It looks comfortable.


Congrats on the "big win", Mom! Were you playing quarter slots? The girls and I went to a casino in New Mexico. Neither of us did well. But, we still had a fun night.

I like the recliner. It looks like it goes well with the rest of the room. And, it looks comfy too!

How much snow did you end up getting? It still suprises me to hear of winter weather in your parts. It's summer time here.