Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mardi Gras

Saturday morning is here, it is February, the worst month of the year, and the news from everywhere is not good.

Fortunately it is not a leap year so the month is not extended by one day.

It is Mardi Gras Night in Soulard. It is snowing as I type, the forecast is suitable for February, and the news is full of beads, warnings about indecent exposure, and drinking. Sounds like fun.

We went to Mardi Gras in Soulard several years ago. The Grand Marshall of the parade was Tiny Tim, a grotesque character from The Tonight Show fame.

The crowd pressed in so close to the parade entries (seeking beads) that it could barely move. We managed to escape at the end of the parade so did not observe a lot of the wackiness (or wickedness). Darn.

I have been busy at work. We are still way short of drivers, so I cannot take time off. Dawn has her surgery on Monday, and your mom will be going up to Springfield to give moral support to Bill and Dawn.. Jason and Rebecca will be returning from skiing the same day so I am hopeful that all goes well for all of us.

I have been up for two hours and the temp outside was 44 degrees when I got up. It is now 35 degrees. It got very windy for about five minutes and is now calm.

The new recliner should come in this week. I hope so. The old one went to Louisville so I have to watch TV setting Indian fashion on the floor.

I found out why Savannah did not get her Valentine; grandma did not put a stamp on the envelope. It has now been re-stamped and will leave the blue mailbox on Lebanon Ave. at about 1:25 PM today.

Well that is about it from Home Alone – love you all.


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