Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday Morning - Super Bowl XXIVCMCXXI.
And all quiet on the Eastern Front

Your mom and I got married on Super Bowl Sunday I. What were we thinking?

Super Bowl I Jan. 15, 1967Memorial ColiseumLos Angeles, California
Bart Starr, QB, Green Bay
Kansas City Chiefs 10 Green Bay Packers 35

Everybody watches for the commercials. I like to see who they pick to butcher the National Anthem

Very quiet yesterday, punctuated by a trip to Targets and Walgreen’s to get a brace for your Mom’s hand,
Your mom wants a printer to make photos of her choice. The printer I have now continues to streak photos. I have been all over the documentation that came with it and followed all instructions on HP’s website but to no avail. It dawned on me yesterday that I had used a re-filled cartridge at Walgreen’s and the problems may have started back the, I know I discarded the cartridges after having poor results and frequent errors, but it looks like whatever happened became permanent. I have installed new cartridges several times (those things are as expensive as non-generic drugs) but streaking continues.

Black and white is ok, so I will keep this printer on the main computer for general use.

I made a trip to Circuit City to see what kinds of deals I could pick up off their bones. It was a madhouse over there and, even though they had a lot of going out of business sales on printers, the display items had screws in various doors on the printers, so I could not examine them. So I went to Best Buy and bought new HP printer.

I put that one on the old Compaq computer and your mom was quite happy with the results. The first picture printed was an old one of Savannah as a five year old.
Made me sad to think of her growing up so fast.

We will be going over to Rick’s visitation on Monday, staying overnight for the funeral on Tuesday. Your Aunt Kathy and Uncle hank are making the trip also.

That ice storm (you should be seeing lot about that on the news) in Southern IL, MO, Ark, and worst of all, KY, continues to be exceedingly deadly. As far as I know, Jason and Rebecca still have power, although people all around them have lost power. Fortunately, some melting is now occurring. Ice loaded trees and limbs are extremely heavy, and increase the risks to utility workers.

Jason has a large limb suspend overhead in his back yard and lying across utility wires. If those wires go down, I expect he will lose power.

That’s about it from Home Alone.
Love to all,

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