Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day...again

The snowplow has been through just once. It plowed the middle of the street leaving a car eating drift in front of my driveway. That means I have to shovel 7 inches of snow x 7 feet. Factor in that it will be hard as concrete and it reminds me I have never made friends with the teenage boys in the neighborhood.
Its getting light out now; I think I will go out and get started shoveling. Yes, I will be careful. Small shovel loads, frequent, rests, and avoid thinking about the forecast for the rest of the week. If I am lucky, I’ll find the newspaper.

Yesterday someone drove through the snow in my yard and the neighbors yard, knocking down my mailbox. The timing and other clues led me to believe it was the paper delivery guy, although the circulation supervisor called the driver and asked him out right if he did it, a real skillful questioning tactic. He denied the incident, but later on two guys in coats and ties came by and set the mailbox up. I did not see them, but Amy next door did see them doing the repair. Maybe the paper guy remembered I gave him a nice check at Christmas time.
It is 7:30 AM now, so I am going to suspend this for now…back in a little while with pictures of the snow. I hope it doesn’t get windy and start drifting the snow.
8:20 I am taking a break. Driveway is 1/3 cleared.

I just looked at Jason’s album on Facebook. An ice storm is always more impressive than a snowstorm.
It is now 9:00 and time to shovel.
10:00 and all done. No wind on a bright sunny day under a pale blue sky and I feel good. Breakfasted on oatmeal, whole-wheat toast, and coffee.
I am going to take your mom to work since the roads still have a lot of slushy snow, especially at intersections. I will probably have to guide some tailgaters to safety, but I am always honored that they put so much faith in me.
That’s about it from Home Alone.




The snow looks so pretty. I love the commentary. It's good to hear you are taking it easy. Was Lee outside working on his too?

Savannah and I are VERY jealous!

Jim said...

Hey the mailbox thing was always my trick!