Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Icy Morning

Icy Morning – no kidding (%^&$(###!!)

After glancing outside at 5:00 AM and seeing that it looked wet on the sidewalk and street, I went out for the paper, it having been tossed on the lawn by our dependable and on time newspaper guy.

After stepping quickly onto the sidewalk, I want down like a dropped hockey puck and slid out of control for several feet. I could not stand so I rolled over into the grass (which was crinkly with ice)stood up, grabbed the newspaper, and gingerly walked on the grass to the safety of the porch.

My arm and shoulder was hurting along with my leg and hip, but I was totally ambulatory (and verrrry lucky). I scrapped my hip and caused the skin to lift and bleed in a patch about an inch square. Repeat, I was verrrrrrrry lucky.

I turned on the computer to check school closings and there were just four (including Edwardsville and Triad), which was odd since those schools do not normally lead the pack in closing.

I went ahead and got ready for work, then checked the computer again. By 5:45 all the schools were closed. We have a snow tree at work, a calling list to alert people, so I called my required members and alerted them not to come to work.

Your mom is doing well. She cannot do a few things with her right hand such as opening a coke bottle, but was active taking down decorations and boxing them. The tree is stripped of ornaments so I will get that down today.

With all the hiking and climbing you guys are doing, I would expect there is not much fat on the Millers. Looking forward (understatement) to seeing our girl. We plan on nothing special other than going with the flow. Oh, there will be bacon and American fries, that is understood.

Well that is all from Home Alone and Banged Up.




Oh...ow! I am very glad to know you were not damaged too badly. No need for any broken bones. I always check the local news so I was informed you were dealing with ice. Our friend Marc wrote that he tried getting his car down his driveway and ended up taking out his mailbox. Ahhh, the mailbox....good times. Anyhoo, I am happy to hear you are all snug in the home safe and sound. Love to you both!


I love you guys!!! Thank you for knowing that is what I will want so I won't have to send in the orders!!! :) :) :)

- Savannah