Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not So Alone For A Few Days:

Not So Alone For A Few Days:

Friday morning dawned very cold and clear. Temperature was –4 degrees as I left Belleville for Peoria, a 3.5-hour trip. There has been very little snow here but north of Springfield I began to see snow on the fields. By the time I arrived in Peoria, many cars at the airport were covered in snow, and the aisles were piled up with snow by the plows. The temperature, as I arrived at the airport, was –17 degrees. Peoria had experienced a record low temp of –21.

The Plane was on time and I was admittedly a little emotional when I saw my girl.

We had a long wait at the baggage claim and the area was very cold due to the doors opening and closing. The bite of the wind on Savannahs face caught her by surprise. I did bring her an Illini coat to wear and a scarf so she was safe for the walk to the car.

She chose to eat at Steak and Shake in Peoria. She seems to have grown some and is very pretty.

When we arrived at the house, she walked all around, touching things and told me she just wanted to know it was all still the same.

The soccer game was fun. The coaches and the players greeted Savannah warmly. She played a total of 30 minutes, had three assists, and two shots on goal. She worked up a good sweat.

We stopped at PapaVitos in O'Fallon for pizza. They have added an enclosed atrium, so it is much roomier.

Her grandma took her shopping yesterday for a new coat and then off to Laura’s. She was truly looking forward to her reunion.

While she is visiting, we had the Jacksons over for cards a chili. I made the chili, but I have to go easy on the heat since your mom cannot tolerate it too spicy.

Tomorrow is King’s birthday so there is no school here on Monday. The inauguration is on Tuesday and I am looking forward to watching the events on the TV.

I watche dth Cardinals game tody. Everyone in this arae is pulling for Kurt Warner. And now he goes the next step to the Super Bowl. Good for him.

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