Sunday, January 11, 2009

Counting Down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 !!

Yesterday we went shopping (again) for a recliner. Carroll House Furniture was the choice since we had never been there before. The store in Maryland Heights was the choice for shopping. Finding it was easy since Emily, our GPS unit was very explicit with directions. She is very patient and doesn’t seem to mind when I disregard a turn or two.

We found a chair! With free delivery even, so I do not have to buy a truck after all. Delivery in 6 to 8 weeks (other than the floor model, they did not have one in stock) which works out ok since we will need that much time to get all the Christmas decorations into the basement.

I treated your mom to the quarterly visit to the Ameristar Casino. No winnings, of course, but got an opportunity to fill my lungs with side smoke. We could go to the Casino Queen that (thankfully) is smoke free but it has few amenities such as a sports bar. At the Ameristar Sports Bar, I get to find a low level table below most of the smoke, eat wings, and watch football.

We were home bound at 10:00 when we ran into a huge traffic jam due to a wreck at the entrance to the express lanes. All traffic turned out to be exiting at the Good Fellow exit. What a mess. I had Emily on, and she frantically tried to get me to go back to I-70. I turned the temperature reading (on the dashboard) off (28 degrees), and selected “compass reading”. I am not familiar with that area of north St. Louis, so I figured the SE on the compass reading would get me to the Arch. The roads in that area were very good so we cruised along for about 10 miles, enjoying the view of all the businesses with iron bars on the windows and doors.

Near down town, Emily wanted me to get back on I-70 but I deferred and turned at Washington St. That area is starting to bloom with a score of new restaurants, and bars. There are a number of occupied lofts in the area so there is a rising vibrancy to the street.

Choosing to cross the Mississippi via the Eads Bridge, we noticed that the Casino Queen boat is gone. I miss that since it was a colorful part of the East River Front.

We got home in time to watch Saturday Night Live. They are having as much fun with Rod Blagojevich as with Sarah Palen. If you missed it, they likely will have it on their website.

Well that’s all from Home alone,

Love to all,


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