Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two Oh Oh Nine

Here we are in 2009. The Langoliers have taken care of 2008.

I had a discussion with a couple of people at the party last night about the double ought used throughout this decade (the party was dragging a little). We will be relieved to see 2010 pop up because to say 2010 (or 2011, etc.) will be much more concise than saying, for example, two thousand and nine. Twenty ten or two thousand and nine, what do you think? Or care?

It was very cold at night these past few days; high teens, then upper 50’s in daytime. Bizarre weather even for Illinois. Your mother loved the leather seats when we first bought the Sable. Now she wants a remote starter so the car is warmer and the seats are more comfortable. I think not.

I had a boss back when I was selling funeral insurance at a time when the funeral industry got a lot of publicity about devious practices. I spoke to him about the bad publicity. His reply was that “no publicity in business is bad”. That being the case, Illinois has certainly received a lot of good publicity lately.

The party last night was fun. Jeannie and Dick put out a lot of food. They love to host. There was a new couple there last night visiting from South Carolina. Formerly were New Yorkers (upstate) and were nice to get to know.

I have completed a list of new years resolutions for your mother. As usual, she tosses them into the trash.

I am taking on a new assignment at work. That’s in addition to all else that I do. It is not a wise thing to do when one makes one self an integral part of a machine. I wanted to take yesterday and tomorrow off but it isn’t working out.

We are so looking forward to being with our girl. I hope the time goes by slowly during her visit. It has always amazed me how easily and deeply we love our grandchildren.

Today is football-watching day. I suppose your mom will start having me go up and down the stairs to get boxes for all her decorations and I will miss critical events. Three Big Ten teams are in different bowls.

We watched the Illini beat Purdue last Tuesday in overtime at Purdue for the conference opener. The Illini are for real this year. We would like to get the Big Ten Network so we can watch more games, but Charter refuses to carry it. Charter is in trouble financially, so if this message ends abruptly, it is likely that they have gone under.

Time to wrap this up. Love you one and all,

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