Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Big Change

Big, big change in routine..
Guess what? Your mother put the trashcan back where it belongs, over by the basement door. No longer will I put trash in that 3-drawer chest. That puppy is now up stairs in, as your mom still calls it, Jason’s room.

And since she bought that bookcase for the family room, there is no place for the Christmas tree. Problem solved, I lose my recliner. It is in the cellar. Next I will be rooming down in the dungeon. At least the beer fridge is down there. I sure wish I still had the protection of my daughter.

I am fixated on all the news these days. It looks like bush is set to make a lot of presidential edicts to help destroy what you are now enjoying. The Grand Canyon will make an excellent landfill.

I think all development should be in Texas and Washington D.C. And Missouri.

Back to the Christmas tree; it is up and standing. Now for the agony of decorating it, my favorite ordeal.

“All right, what did you do with my snowmen!!!???”

The fudge is cooling in the garage. We are having that little lunch at work tomorrow so I opted to bring fudge.

A woman at work is giving away three kittens. I told her that when I was a farm boy, we put kittens in a feed sack and tossed them into the drainage ditch. The EPA frowns on that now, I would expect.

Well to bed and a little reading. I am half way through a book called Six Frigates, a non-fiction book about the birth of the U.S. Navy. It’s not a book to be found on Oprah’s lists.

Love to all,

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Yeah! The trash can is back where it belongs! Where did the new T.V. land? Back on the counter?
After the tree leaves, will you be getting a new recliner?
We are enjoying your blog. I have been checking it daily. It helps me to feel close to you both. I love you.