Saturday, November 29, 2008

At the Dome

Hi, again.
It’s just me.

I had a surprise call yesterday form Sally and Raquel. Raquel is a cheerleader at her high school. The school, from up in way northern Missouri (up by Iowa) was playing in the state football championships at the Dome in St Louis and Raquel wanted me to come to the game.

I did go and enjoyed being with Sally and Colton (Rick stayed home with a friend) and watching Raquel and her friends cheer the team to a 10 – 7 victory.

We went over to the Sorgea’s last night. Dick’s sister Theresa is married to a man who has a son, Chris, who is a corporate jet pilot. Chris is based in and lives in Phoenix. He is aware of the area and is familiar with Chandler.

We are anticipating getting about two inches of snow tomorrow. Christmas is coming like an express train. We will be helping Jason move the weekend before. I am finding it to be difficult getting into the spirit of the season.

Got to reminiscing about Savannah over our supper, which included FRIED POTATOES.

I spent part of the day hauling containers to the basement. I suppose that is good exercise.

Well, I find myself inexplicably at a loss for words, so that is it from Home Alone.

Love to all and be careful out there.

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Sounds like the game at the Dome was fun. How nice that Sally and Raquel called with the invite.
We are a little envious of the anticipated snowfall. All though I can not complain about the incredible 70 degree weather we had today.

I understand about the lack of Christmas Spirit. It is going to be difficult this year. All ready we are having difficulty deciding on what to do about a tree and decorations. It will be a lonely Christmas for you and Mom. It makes me feel sad. We always looked forward to spending time with you both at our house on Christmas Day.
We love you!!!!!