Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving day was celebrated in Auburn at Bill & Dawn’s home.

Dawn and Bill prepared a splendid meal with all the traditionals and a couple of new items. Linda and Denise contributed dishes and deserts, Nancy contributed a desert, and we took a desert, a pound of fudge, and a huge crock of mashed potatoes.

Denise was married four weeks ago (in Cazumel) and was joined by her new husband Dan.

We picked up Nancy at her home and I drove her van since she has difficulty in exiting lower profile cars.

We watched some football, watched a video of Brandon performing with the Auburn band in a state competition, and a video of Brooke and a classmate performing in a comedic skit for a school competition.

Three deer ran across the backyard as we watched out the patio door. We could hear some gunshots in the distance. Firearm season ends next weekend.

After dinner, we played cards and a couple of board games. Jason called twice to get the rules for Golf. He and Rebecca were in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving at a friend’s house.

We got home about 10:30. So another Thanksgiving fades into our memories. Next up is Christmas. With Jason and Rebecca moving to Louisville the week before Christmas, and the economy in a death spiral, this may not be the best of times for celebrating.

The weather here has been mild. Unfortunately we live in a burning area so the prettiest days are filled with smoke. Truth be known, only a few people burn leaves, but that is enough to make the air harsh. It is a free country and people can burn leaves, but we need a law that forces people to keep the smoke on their own property.

I am up this morning at 4:30. I wish I would sleep longer.

Took a number of pictures yesterday. Unfortunately, several were blurry. I can’t get people to be still. My limited software can’t fix blurry.

That’s all for now except for some superfluous punctuation…!..?’.


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