Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Concert

Sunday morning,

Well we made it to thec oncert with 5 minutes to spare. Rebecca and Jason were running late but was not a real factor.

The concert had a large crowd in attendance. The Mozart section was lively and quite enjoyable. The featured artist on the ensemble was a man playing a concert grand piano. Only about 40 orchestra members were behind him. After intermission, the piano was gone and the orchestra swelled to over 90 members.

This section featured a composition that was completed in 1910. I guess that made it more contemporary. Anyway, the sets (right word?) were well done and, as expected, lasted about 12 minutes each. The concluding set ended with the string sections having their bows poised over their instruments. I expected a crescendo of sound, but the set seemed to whimper to a close. I suspect the composer ran out of clefts or something.

It was a very cold night and I heard complaints about the leather seats not being heated. Sorry but the last owners of that leather is long ago cold and eaten. Besides, the human butt can warm leather if given enough time.

We stopped in at Denny’s for desert. I had a club sandwich since I had not eaten dinner. My old nemesis the Earache had returned for a while. Also, my eye was really itching and I found it to be unpleasantly distracting.

We are having company this afternoon (as previously stated) and Jason has invited himself over for the soup. That’s fine with us.

Jason really looked nice last night. He has become as handsome as his brother and brother-in-law. Rebecca looked nice, as always. We are not looking forward to having them move to Louisville. Yes, I know it’s only ‘5 hours away’. I don’t consider that to be within easy driving distance.

I sure did enjoy talking on the phone with my son-in-law last evening.

Your mom is on her way to the store to finish up getting the stuff for this afternoon. She says ‘Hi’ and will do her own writing later.

That’s all the news from Home Alone.

Be safe. Don’t try to fill every hour with activity…it is perfectly fine to once in a while just do nothing.

Love all,

Dad (grandpa)


Townsend Family said...

I'm glad to read you enjoyed the concert!! We will have to find something else to go to again.

Thanks for coming with us, it was really nice to be able to see you guys. Thanks for making sure my husband gets fed. :)

Love Ya,

Jim said...

We had a good time visiting with our new friends. Shane really hit it off with Gabriel and they played shoot guns at each other and some sort of hide and seek invovling super hero costumes. It was nice to sit around with other adults for a while. We miss everyone at home, Traci and Lisa are out getting groceries for the big feast Thursday. Love to all, Jim


Hey Grandparents! We miss you!

Love Ya! Savannah