Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday morning (early morning) and here I am doing my on line bill paying and watching that my various accounts have not lent themselves to hacking.

It got quite cold last night (18 degrees); fortunately there was very little wind so it was not too bad. Cold is good since (theoretically) it kills off all the germs in the air.

We went to Hobby Lobby last night looking for a frame for Bill’s birthday gift. No luck there so then off to Michaels, but no luck there either. I was having a low chocolate indicator so popped into Dierbergs and got a dark chocolate bar. That eased the pain.

I seem to have an ingrown hair in my eye. Sure does make my eye look evil. I wish I had a nurse practitioner in the area.

We are having some friends over on Sunday afternoon. Looks kike potato soup is on the menu. I hope I get to watch the Bears and Rams game. The Rams are dismal, but the Bears are usually fun to watch.

I have been hungry for some more variety in our meals. New England boiled dinner sounded good so I did a small roast in the crock-pot, added onions, carrots, and potatoes. That was good. Will do some pinto beans next week.

I’m going to get the big mower out this morning, and do some leaf mulching. I have a lot to do outside. A windstorm took down part of the fence last month so I need to get that taken care of. The thing that holds me back a lot of time is not having a truck. That is next on my want list.

I continue being busier than I want to be at the bus company. I do a lot of re-training. This activity if for people who have been observed not doing the job completely or safety. We have a theory that when people continually do the wrong thing, eventually some one will be hurt or killed.

Besides training, I am the safety coordinator and now have to do team building activities. Fortunately, I have a good boss (actually I have never had a bad boss) and good associates.

Being busy does cut into my exercise and walking activities. I need to mentally berate myself so I get back into the groove.

We went and looked at flooring again, again. I can make up my mind without conscious effort. However…….

Also looking for a new recliner for the family room. This is when the truck would come in handy, but then again, making up our (her) mind/s on any single item, is somewhat like me having to answer that ageless question, ‘does this make me look too fat?’

Jason got us tickets to Powell Hall to hear a concert by the St. Louis symphony Orchestra. On the program is Mozart Piano Concerto No. 19 in F Major, K. 459 and Mahler Symphony No. 9. This will be tonight.

The fields in this area are just now being cleared of corn and soybeans. Combining is late due to a wet spring and lingering moisture in the corn. Farmers prefer field drying since fuel costs to bin dry are so high.

The deer are starting to run now since there is less cover. And they are horny.

Well that’s all the news from Home Alone.

Love to all,


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I hope you all had a good time at the concert. We came home late tonight after spending the evening with new friends, Ryan, Erin, kids: Katie and Gabe. It was a fun evening.
The kids were happy to arrive home and find mail in the mailbox. Thanks for the cards. It was nice receiving them, but made me feel lonely. We miss you both terribly. Love you!!!!