Monday, November 24, 2008

These pictures are from our trip to Washington State about three years ago. Parallel with my ear and over my left shoulder, the white image coming down the mountain is an ancient glacier in the Olympic Mountains

The Millers will get to see these mountains in the Spring.

Not much is happening here at Home Alone tonight. I had a busy day, while your mom played hooky. She has taken down the fall decorations and has been eyeing the Christmas decorations, all of which is in about 342 storage containers all of which are 13 steps down into the basement.

We are talking about what to buy for our family members for Christmas. We think this is a good year to start being more frugal (along with the whole country). We are happiest when our various families spend more on themselves and less on us. Not that we do not appreciate all that our children and grand children do for us, but honestly, all we want is their love and happiness.

We are looking forward to being with Bill and Dawn and family on Thanksgiving. And we are happy to have Nancy going with us. She enjoys all table games so it will be fun.

No school here on Wednesday so the adult workers are going to do a pre- Thanksgiving potlatch. I have been waiting for an opportunity to use that word.

We have a new system of filing and personnel files to implement. We needed a day when all the employees would be gone so that we can spread these files (which are sensitive) out and get the job done. So, we will have a mini-feast to make the job more pleasant.

Well that is not a lot of news from Home Alone but it will have to do.

Oh, by the way, Jim. I got to thinking about those gullies and arroyos you have been taking MY grandkids into. Don’t forget that flash floods occur caused by rain at higher elevations; even when the sky is clear where you are walking.

Also, never, never open up a refrigerator found in the desert.

Ok, that is it… (pointless use of an ellipses) , don’t you love ‘em?

Dad and grandpa


Jim said...

You actually only used an ellipsis, not several ellipses..., ***, """", ######, and there really was no omission of words in the sentence so technically there was no true use of an ellipsis or ellipses. Love Ya, Jim


Oh, brother....(sigh)!