Sunday, November 16, 2008

Went to church this morning by myself. Mom was not feeling too well.
Got home and we decided to go to Target. Bought a new speaker phone. Tested it out by talking to the kids.

Called Nancy Miller to invite her to join us for Thanksgiving at Bill & Dawn,s house. Dawn has been fighting pneumonia and a fever of 104 this week. Hopefully all this will clear out with cooler weather.

Watched the Rams get embarrassed. Again. Then watched the Obama’s on Sixty minutes. Twas a very good interview. I hope the retarded rednecks in this country can give them a chance to succeed. We need a win now and then after the past eight Bush years.

Went looking at trucks today. Choice between a Ford Ranger or the Chevy Colorado. Colorado is a silly name for a truck. Same as the Montana for a SUV.

If I buy the Chevy, I’ll rename it to the Chevy Illinois. Hey, the new prez is from Illinois.

Obama resigned as a senator today. We wonder whom that twit Blagoavich will name as his successor.

Gotta toodle,

Bye Now

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Hey Dad! We just realized you had a blog! We happened to click on the "Home Alone" which I thought was a message, and was surprised when it took me to your blog. Your title is so sad. :(
I am going to enjoy the readings.