Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We went shopping a couple of times on Saturday and Sunday. Stopped in at the furniture store to look at recliners. We want a leather one; medium sized. But as usual, we could not decide.

We may never get one.

Your mother continues decorating the house for Christmas. I did my part by doing some outside decorating.

It continues to be busy at work. We are short of drivers We fired one, one has an injury from a car wreck and has quit, and another one has found love in Atlanta and is leaving us in two weeks.

Then someone did an anonymous call in to the paper, which prints any anonymous crank call. We think it was the one who got fired (made a threat of violence against the boss). We think the ‘new bus driver’ part was an attempt by the one who was fired to fool us into thinking it was someone else. She was the most malcontented and disruptive employee in the office.

Morale drops low
I am a new school bus driver for First Student in O'Fallon. The morale is very low here. The employee break room was taken away in September. In addition, the company has canceled the Christmas party to save money. All parents should be concerned if they have a child who rides on a First Student bus because low morale can create an unsafe environment. Many of the experienced drivers are leaving. Your paper needs to do a story on any other companies that are canceling their Christmas parties.

Oh, well, I am sure this type of person is honored in her circle of friends.

Well it sure looks like you are statistically improving the Arizonan Tourist Indices.
What is on your next weekend’s agenda?

Katy is in from California and visiting Sally in Sterling. I am sure your mom would love to go up for a visit. I don’t mind when she does that.

I tore the fence down between this house and Sorgea’s old house. The wind had partially wrecked it so I gave up on working with old stuff. I’ll put in a new one across there in the spring.

That’s about it from Home Alone…

Be safe out there, Love to all


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If you can read Savannah's blog you should. It sounds like the Christmas decor is coming along. I always enjoyed being with everyone during the holidays. I know Savannah's having a bit more trouble with being here at this time of year. Traci is out with Lisa tonight. The kids have been watching Cars so I've been doing some typing. Be Well, Jim