Friday, December 26, 2008

The days are beginning to be longer. Finally. Five more days and we are entitled to a do over.

I have decided to establish Christmas as occurring on the 19th of December. This action will assure me that, hopefully, the “I have to’s “ and the “we have to’s” will be over and done with. Only then can I enjoy the true spirit of Christmas. But of course it will never happen. Mere men cannot fix this thing. I know that but still I can hope, can’t I?

We opened presents with Rebecca and Jason on Christmas morning. I fixed my traditional breakfast of sausage, biscuits, and sausage links. I also dared make gravy from the drippings. It was somewhat bland, but it was certainly gravy. I got the unusual negative comments so I will never attempt that again.

The wife works her tail off around this time of year. I am sure everyone appreciates that. I certainly do. She is s pecial.

The temperature got up to 60 degrees this afternoon. Cold front is going to bump in so three inches of rain is predicted along with storms. Bill and Dawn and kids are coming down tomorrow, so the house will be moderately full. Still, it’s not the same without the little ones. Dick and Jeannie have a 6-month-old set of twin grandsons. We are working a deal to borrow one once in a while. Jack and Nate are their names.

We are going to a party at the Sorgea’s house on New Years Eve. There should be around 12 to 14 people there; we know everyone so it should be a fun evening.

Worked at cleaning up the basement this evening. One of the remote controls has turned up missing so now I think I will look into getting a new HD TV for the basement. I will not replace the living room TV. It is a member of the family.

I have been looking at various aspects of MY Face. Not so sure I will do much with it, but I will check it out once in while.

Not much more happening here except the usual Christmas chatter. Lee and Wilma were over last night. We played that card game that Rebecca nd Jason taught us. It is fun and easy but I don’t see it being a full evening game.

Lee and Wilma gave us an extra nice gift; a box from Omaha Steaks. It is a nifty process they use for shipping in dry ice. The box contained stuffed potatoes, stuffed flounder, hamburgers, gourmet hot dogs, steaks, and chops. It also contained a set of steak knives.We had the pork chops for dinner on Christmas eve ( before church). They were quite good and juicy.

Well that is it from Home Alone.

Love to all,


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