Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here in south central Illinois, we are waiting for an ice storm. As a reminder of what it looked like last year, here are a couple of pictures.

We had a lot of fun with the video cam last night. Savannah is an excellent tour guide. I am going to do some upgrading to my computer to, hopefully, make it a little faster. I'm sure the speed is limited somewhat by the cable connection.

We have a busy day ahead of us. We have company coming tonight to have hot beef sandwiches and a soup made from a recipe your mom found on the net.

Jason and I went to the Dandy Inn for wings on Thursday night; two ponds of whole wings for $7.50. They are good. No sauce.

Route 50 in front of Sonics in O’Fallon is experiencing severe mine subsidence fro the old St. Ellen Mine. Several businesses were forced to close temporarily. Water main has broken three times in a week. And the main sewer line is a disaster.

Lots of Illinois news around the world. A salesman told me once that there is no such thing as bad publicity so long as word about the product is getting out.

We think the Governor has lived beyond his means for so long that he cannot afford to resign and lose a paycheck. It is unfortunate that some folks would like to tie Obama into this in some way. They do not realize that it is critically important for Obama to succeed as our president.

Your mom likes to talk at length with Sally almost every night. So I have bought her a new cordless phone with a nice headset and microphone. Hope she uses it.

Jason and Rebecca plan on staying here from Christmas Eve for a couple of days. That will be nice. Then on to Louisville and their new life. I hope all this works out. Right now, everyone is so vulnerable economically.

The banks are the biggest danger to those who are just getting by. They are in some cases doubling interest rates on credit cards even for good, reliable customers. Another trick they are using is abruptly lowering a cards credit limits, sometimes below what is currently owed, then charging over limit fees and boosting the interest to 29%. An the taxpayers are bailing these criminals out of thir own mess.

Then letting the domestic automakers go down the tubes. The southern states are proudly anti union and have attracted a lot of foreign car makers. Of course the southern senators will gleefully let the big three die. It is in their own political interest. (WORD just scolded me for using a reflexive pronoun (say what?))

Ha ! I am going to leave it, so there.

Well enough of this,

Love you all


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