Sunday, December 7, 2008

Decorated for Christmas

Your mom is done decorating. She wanted you to have a look see.

I hung wreaths out side. Several houses in the neighborhood went all out but I decided to go simple.
12 degrees this morning. Supposed to warm up to a freezing drizzle in the morning.
We went to church this morning then to Bob Evans for breakfast. Rebecca was at O'Fallon this weekend but we did not get to see her. I guess we will be hosting them for a couple of days over Christmas. That's good.
We enjoyed your last post. Keep it coming. I print them out and your mom keeps tyhem in a folder.
Well that's it for now. Love you one and all

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The house looks beautiful. I always felt comfy, cozy, and full of Christmas cheer when arriving at the house. We are going to miss coming over and opening gifts with you this year. I'm glad to hear that Jason and Rebecca will be spending the holiday with you. My heart felt a little pang when I thought of you two being alone.
I have been busy the last few days figuring out what gifts to buy. It's hard to stay on budget. Not only a money budget, but also a space budget.
We love you. When are you going to get set up with Yahoo messanger so we can talk via the camera?