Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow day

We did get ice and snow overnight. The accumulation was not heavy but the schools in the area declared a snow day.

I went to the mall for lunch and bought a new sweater vest. Also got a gift for your mom. Had lunch there and used the last 2 dollars on my Starbucks gift card. Actually, I still have 15 cents on the card. Where is the cents key on this keyboard?

Took your mom to work (did not want her to walk on the ice) and picked her up for her doctors appointment; preliminary visit regarding her carpal tunnel procedure.

Rebecca’s mom had surgery today. We haven’t heard anything. Which is good, I suppose.

Not much going on here this week. Oh, yes, I did get the shingles vaccine. No insurance coverage so I had to pay the, gulp, $200 bucks. Looks like my daughter gets the Starbucks card for Christmas. I am certain the shot will be paid for by insurance sometime after the first of the year.

Oh, well. If life were fair it would be called FAIR !

In 3 minutes it will be 10:00PM so that is my reminder that I get up at 5:00 AM. First thing I do in the morning is checking the school closings. If you were to be curious, go to and see what is closed. You have to wade through all the Saints Theresa’s and Saint Peters cause they all close first.

Well, quite enough of this. Love to all and to all a good…wait! Things came in the mail today. I shook them and smelled them and held them up to the light, but to no avail. Your mom said we could not open them. “But they are not wrapped”, I protested. She said it didn’t matter; they will lay unwrapped, in inelegant repose under the tree, in the far back. “Somewhat like a Goodwill Store display”, I haughtily re-joined.

Good night and love to one and all.



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