Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Before Christmas

It certainly looks to be cool and dreary there in Arizona. It is very cold in our area; +8 degrees right now with a fairly strong wind.

Walking across from the far end of the lot at the mall this afternoon (your mom forgot her cripple card) was very painful. No hat, no scarf, and a frozen face.

No snow remaining but it is predicted for Christmas Eve.

The church at Signal Hill is very pretty for the holidays. I meant to take my camera and get an inside shot but, alas, forgot.

Dick, Lee, and I helped Rebecca and Jason load the truck for their move to Louisville. One other fellow from Jason’s work helped for about two hours. But it still wasn’t too bad. Took us a little over three hours to complete the job.

Jason and Rebecca left about three o’clock but had to stop in Mt. Vernon. Jason had twisted his ankle (right foot) and it had swollen up so they stayed over at a motel ‘til this morning. They got to Louisville ok sometime after noon.

Your mom and I had to do the money counting at church then made the deposit. After that we went to the mall to finish (hopefully) our shopping.

Schools are out but I will be working the next two days. We have a lot of personnel files to update.

That’s about it for now.

Love from Home Alone

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