Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday night,

Well we had a good time with the Stolles and with the Sorgeas last night.

Your mom made hot beef sandwiches and lasagna soup. Everything turned out ok.

Jason and Rebecca came by this afternoon. Jason had to go to work and Rebecca was headed to Louisville.

Your mom is feverishly wrapping gifts. I usually get to make the December 23rd trip to the post office. Maybe just maybe, I will do it a little earlier. As you can tell by the picture, I am looking forward to to that.

You are lucky that packages left for you will stay dry. All the delivery services here love to put packages where they can get wet.

Looks like we will get a little ice in the morning but not as bad as earlier predicted. Less than ½ inch on the trees so that should be ok.

I will be helping Jason load up next Saturday. They do not have many friends here anymore, so I am going to try to recruit Lee and Dickto help.

That’s about it or now. Love to all. Dad

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Was this a school day for you? Or did the ice cancel classes for the day? If so, stay safe and warm indoors.
We are experiencing a chilly day here in Phoenix. High will only hit 56 degrees. It is cloudy and might rain. The children want to pretend today is a "snow day" for them also. I say..."I don't think so!"
Be careful moving Jay and Rebecca. Don't mess up your back. They should check into hiring someone to pack the moving truck in OFallon and then hire someone else to unpack them in KY. I am sure they could find people and it should not cost too much.
I'd like to see you online soon. Call so we can "hook-up".
Love ya!